Our Executive Committee

President - Sean Saw @sawsomesawse

Course: PPE

Year: 3rd Year

Type of training: Powerlifting

Favourite thing about barbell: It's a great way to meet a community of lifters that motivate and encourage each other in the gym.

Secretary and Welfare Officer - Alex Minter @alexmintsw

Course: Chemistry

Year: 3rd year

Type of training: Inconsistent, but vaguely powerlifting

Favourite thing about barbell: There's nearly always someone in the gym who i know and can chat to.

Treasurer - Blake Davies @blake.j.d

Hi, I’m Blake, a third year maths student and the current treasurer. This is my second year as a member of Warwick Barbell. I am a 66kg powerlifter but haven’t yet competed due to constant injuries

Publicity Officer  - Alex Musker  @alexm_wl


Hey, I'm Alex. I'm a 3rd year engineering student and I train & coach olympic weightlifting. I love it because it's so technique focused but my favourite part is competing. 

My favourite thing about being in Warwick Barbell is getting to train with so much support on days when I'm tired and everything feels twice as heavy as it's meant to. 

Events & Competitions Officer - Ollie Walker @aweakchild

Hi, I'm Ollie and I'm a 2nd year MORSE student. I'm a -74 powerlifter and I currently hold the U18 -74 Bench record at 135 kg. My favourite thing about barbell is the great community of lifters.

Social Secs - Laura Meier @laura.m_fit & Harvey Gillard @hervey____


Hi guys!
I’m Laura and I’m one of your social secs. I’m in second year and for some reason I do Maths...
I’ve only been powerlifting for a year since I started uni but I absolutely love it, I’ve made some amazing friends, and can’t believe I’m now on the exec!
One of my favourite things about Barbell is going to the gym at any time and nearly always seeing someone you can have a chat with :) 

Hey, I'm Harvey a second year math phys student and a social sec of barbell. I don't train in a specific style, I just go gym for strength and to look better. The best part about barbell is that no matter what time you go to the gym there's always a member there to talk to and spot you.

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