Oswestry Weightlifting Open

October 1, 2016

Warwick Barbell members JP O Meachair and George Kinnell competed in the Oswestry Weightlifting Open today.


George was up first in the men's u69kg class, where his lifts went as follows:

Snatch: 70kg ✔, 75kg ✔, 80kg ✔ (competition PB)
Clean and Jerk: 102kg ✔, 110kg ✔, 113kg ✖ 
He missed the last lift due to a shaky lockout overhead, but still finished in first place in his category.


JP followed in the men's u85kg class, his lifts were as follows:

Snatch: 60kg ✔, 65kg ✔, 70kg ✔
Clean and Jerk: 97kg ✔, 102kg ✔, 108kg ✔
He hit all of his lifts to go 6/6 in his first ever competition, smashing his goal of a 170kg total.


Both lifters have identified improvement areas to work on and structure their training around as they work towards their next competition on November 19th.

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