Sean-Paul MacKenzie Blog Series | Article II

November 12, 2016

This week marks the start of a new bench program for me which will consist of benching every training day with a significantly reduced intensity than I am personally used to. The idea behind this program is to accumulate as much volume as possible without tiring the body out too much.


In addition the increased frequency should allow for the motor pattern to become more familiar. The reason that I chose this program is that, being my problem area, I have recently completely altered my bench setup so that it is IPF legal. That means I have had to ensure that my full foot stays on the floor for the duration of the lift. At the moment this is feeling very foreign to me but with that being said I do feel as though there is a lot more potential to learn how to better utilise leg drive.


In order for this setup to be effective I will need to improve my mobility particularly through the hips. This will allow me to maintain my arch a little better than I would otherwise be able to. In order to do this my main mobility exercise has been to hold a deep squat until it feels comfortable, then I move my stance out a little further and do the same. I carry on doing this for as long as I can and I have found that this helps a great deal. This is also transferring over to my ability to squat with a wider stance as well as keep my knees out a little bit better as I sumo deadlift. I hope that these improved mechanics will allow me to increase my numbers without the need to get much stronger.



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