Sean-Paul MacKenzie Blog Series | Article III

February 6, 2017

The new year for me marked a new program. Based off of the reactive training systems of Mike Tuchscherer this program essentially consists of hitting a top set, normally a single, each session at RPE 8. RPE stands for rate of perceived exertion more simply meaning how hard the set felt out of 10. Another way to think about this is to think about how many reps are left in the tank, with RPE 8 having two, RPE 7 having three and RPE 10 having zero etc...


I am also currently preparing myself for the GBPF University Championships at the end of March. The benefits of this program for me is that I will be used to hitting relatively heavy weights for singles throughout my program and hence will not need to reacquaint myself with this skill nearer to the time as loads get heavier and volume drops. I do believe that a single rep set, as you would perform in a competition, is an entirely different skill to normal sets of multiple reps and I’m hoping that the addition of these top singles will make me a better lifter without impacting my levels of fatigue from my regular programming.


In addition to this I have had more variations of my lifts added into my program to address my weaknesses. I have variations to address my sticking point on my bench, for which I am using spot press. The speed of the floor with my deadlifts, for which I am using half to full ROM deadlifts and my tightness in the hole for squats for which I am utilising paused squats. My hope is that these variations will expose my weaknesses and I will be more able to focus on fixing them. As the competition draws closer these variations will be phased out and I will focus more on the competition lifts to ensure that they are well practiced and the motor pattern is what it should be.



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