Yorkshire North East (YNEPF) Novice and Equipped Powerlifting Competition

November 11, 2017

COMPETITION REPORT – 11 November 2017

Two more of our lifters made their competitive debuts yesterday at the Yorkshire North East (YNEPF) Novice and Equipped powerlifting competition in Ashington. Conor Ruane was competing in the Classic 93kg body weight class, while Dylan Hurdus was competing in the Classic 105kg body weight class.


Conor Ruane

Conor’s competition got off to a nervous start. After missing both of his opening squats, due to depth, Conor was inches from bombing out. It was all or nothing on his final squat attempt. He sunk it, registering the highest squat for his body weight class at 192.5kg.


Conor hit his opening bench attempt with ease, before setting a PB of 112.5kg with his second attempt. He unfortunately failed his third attempt, which would have been a new PB at 117.5kg; getting stuck at the lockout.


The deadlift, a personal favourite of Conor’s, was where he excelled. He hit his first and second attempt without breaking a sweat. His final attempt, of 247.5kg, was a little less straight forward, especially in the lockout, but with three white lights, it was a good lift.


Overall, Conor finished 1st in the Classic 93kg body weight class, earning himself his first powerlifting trophy.


Lifts: 192.5/112.5/247.5
Total: 552.5kg
Wilks: 351.94 (Bodyweight: 90.4kg)


Dylan Hurdus


Dylan’s first ever competition got off to a routine start, hitting all three of his squat attempts to finish with a new PB of 165kg and nine white lights.


Dylan hit his opening bench attempt with ease, resulting in the commentator describing it as “rapid”. His second attempt was not much harder. However, his final attempt was more difficult, but he won the fight, setting a new PB of 105kg.


Once again, the deadlift was a routine lift for Dylan, hitting all three of his attempts with ease, setting a new PB of 212.5kg in the process. More impressive was the fact that Dylan earned another nine white lights, with many of the lifters in his flight been pulled up with soft knees at the lockout.


Overall, Dylan finished 6th in a very competitive Classic 105kg body weight class with 27 out of 27 white lights.


Lifts: 165/105/212.5
Total: 482.5kg
Wilks: 294.13 (Bodyweight: 99.6kg)


Dylan will be competing in the West Midlands Senior Championships on 3rd December 2017, before both lifters focus on their preparation for next year’s British University Championships.


Conor and Dylan would also like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone at YNEPF and the Hirst Welfare Centre, Ashington for hosting such a great event and both look forward to competing in the federation again next year.

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