Super-Total Meet Report

September 1, 2019

 Over the summer, member Will Sewell competed in a super-total competition (snatch, clean and jerk, squat, bench and deadlift. Here's what he had to say about it...



Whilst only competing once before in powerlifting and only starting weightlifting about 1.5 months prior, I decided it would be a good idea to enter myself into a super total competition, weightlifting lifts followed by powerlifting lifts together in a single meet, mostly because they offered a free t-shirt. Prep was good until I fell down some stairs on holiday which wrote me off every lift except bench, this was fine by me because bench is the only lift that matters. I weighed in at 73.3kg as I wanted to lift in the 74kg class for powerlifting.


My plan was to try and cruise the weightlifting and try and bang out the powerlifting to preserve my cranned knee as much as possible.

Snatch – Snatch was first and as my technique was not stellar I opted to try and muscle snatch everything. With my goal a measly 60kg, I got a good lift on my first attempt for 50kg before failing my second attempt for 55kg for dropping the bar after letting it drift too far behind my head, sorted in on my third one though so it was sound in the end.

Clean and Jerk – First two attempts at 60kg and 65kg went without a hitch but squat jerking made my lockout harder so I got shegged on the 70kg attempt when my arms bent at the lockout (an illegal manoeuvre). Finished on 65kg (5kg below my target of 70kg).

Squat – Squats were a deadness as I tried to play it safe depth-wise to mitigate my knee getting coshed. However I played it a little too safe as the judges done me in on my first and final attempts at 140kg and 155kg, my second attempt was barely a good lift at 145kg so I avoided the bomb out but bit disappointing as it was 5kg below what I achieved in competition 6 months earlier. Oh well.

Bench – First 2 attempts were naughty, hitting 105kg followed by 110kg with decent grind on each lift. My back started to act up however so went for a measly 112.5kg for my final attempt (goal was 115kg). Ended up not being able to find the tightness when setting my starting position so the bar went about halfway during the press before I gave out. Sad times as the crowd was giving me mad energy by yelling “UP!”. Ended on 110kg which was sound as it was 10kg more than my previous competition best.

Deadlift – For some reason I switched up my positioning during warmups because they felt more decent but eventually this also made the deadlifts end in sheggery. First attempt was naughty at 160kg so slapped on 170kg for my second attempt expecting it to be sound. Halfway up it moved down slightly which merked my mindset so I called it quits on that attempt. Tried the same for my final attempt but combination of bad sleep, barely any time between attempts (the entire 5 lift meet lasted 3.5 hours total which is super short) and all the lifting beforehand decided to get me as I was doing it so it turned into a fat grind which I couldn’t finish as soon as the bar left the floor. Finished on 160kg which matches my previous competition best. Overall went 4/6 in the weightlifting and 4/9 in the powerlifting which was pretty bad but I got a better bench, increased total and a free tee out of it so I’m balling.


Will finished with a 535 total (120/415), and a free t-shirt.

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September 1, 2019

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