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Covid 19 statement

Our community at Barbell is excited to get stronger this year. We want to make sure you do this safely so we can get back to training as normal sooner.


Barbell owns 3 Strength Shop Power bars that we store in the Warwick Sports Hub. Warwick Sport will clean them twice a week but it is our responsibility to make sure these are sanitised before AND after every single use. On arrival in the gym you must collect a personal spray bottle to clean your equipment; blue paper towels can be found throughout the gym. 


Warwick Sport is encouraging members not to spot other members. However, if spotting is necessary for your safety we advise members to perform side spots only for bench and squats.


The Warwick Sport rule is to have only 2 members using each rack/platform, i.e. one person squatting/benching in the rack and one person using the platform.


Since the regulations are constantly being updated, we have included links below to the latest government and Warwick Sport guidelines.


Stay safe and stay strong!

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