Our Executive Committee

President - Tara Pigott (@taralifting)

Course - GSD

Year of Study - 3

Hi everyone, I'm Tara. I joined Barbell in my first year of uni and throughout my time in the club I have made so many friends, had some great experiences and was helped to improve my lifting so much. Barbell is for everyone regardless of experience and you can really feel the sense of community and support within the club. This is why I love Warwick Barbell and am so happy to be a part of it.

Secretary & Welfare Officer - Becca Kingston (@barbell_becca)

Course - Psychology

Year of Study - 3

The more you lift, the more you can eat.

Treasurer - Maciek Szczyrba (@maciek105.4)

Course - Biology

Year of Study - 2

Hi I’m Maciek. I like to lift because I love the feeling of getting stronger and it is a great way to escape stress and worries of daily life. My favourite thing about barbell is the people.

Publicity Officer - Angus Gardner (@angus2000_pl)

Course - Cyber Security

Year of Study - 2

Hey, I'm Angus, and I'm a 2nd year Cyber Security student. I'm an U83 Powerlifter, and my favourite thing about Barbell is our community! It's amazing being able to go to the gym and train with like-minded people that share your passion!

Weightlifting Captain - Shingchi Liu (@shing_wl)

Course - Chemistry

Hey, I'm Shing and a year 2 chemist. I love weightlifting and being able to train with strong friends from barbell whenever I go to the gym.

Year of Study - 

Powerlifting Captain - Alex Jackson (@alexrjackson1)

Course - Computer Science

Year of Study - 4

Hi, I'm Alex and I'm a 4th year Computer Science student. I've been powerlifting since I joined Barbell when I started at Warwick, and have seen the club grow massively over that time, both in terms of people competiting and the social aspect of the club. My job is to organise competitions, but I want to remind people they don't have to compete just because they join, our non-competitive portion is the majority.

Women's & Campaigns Officer - Larabella Myers (@barabella_lungeabella)

Course - PPE

Year of Study - 3

When I joined Barbell in my first year, I would have never thought I would be where I am today. Barbell has encouraged me to feel more strong and powerful than ever. I have made amazing friends who support me through every day, and through my role I wish to empower people to push themselves, try something new and get involved in the wonderful world of lifting!

Social Sec - Liam Parnis (@liam_parnis)

Course - Maths & Physics

Year of Study - 4

Hi, I’m Liam, and I have one regret at university, which is not joining barbell sooner! I’ve made some amazing friends from this club and in terms of progressing in lifting the atmosphere is really encouraging. Whether your goal is to get bigger, stronger or just healthier there is always someone in the gym that can keep you company.

Social Sec - Emily Dainty (@emily.dainty)

Course - Maths & Physics

Year of Study - 4

Hiya Im Emily! Barbell is a great club because everyone is so supportive and encouraging no matter what your skill level. Its such a lively club and we have a lot of fun.

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