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Our Executive Committee

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President - Brandon Ring (@bmwr_gym)

Course - Physics with Astrophysics

Year of Study - 3

Hello, I'm Brandon, and I've been a member of Warwick Barbell since halfway through my first year.  Being a part of this society has been a life changing experience, having met some truly amazing people and some of my closest friends. I love powerlifting as a sport, and I would like nothing more than to help as many people as I can to find their place in the gym. If you see me during training, feel free to say hello!

Secretary & Welfare Officer - Madi Scott (@mxdiscott)

Course - Economics

Year of Study - 2

Hi! I’m Madi- the welfare officer. More than anything I joined barbell because of the people. Our society is a kind and welcoming community that’s very supportive of one another, and is full of people that genuinely want to see each other do well. Whether you’re a top class competitive lifter or a newbie to gym life, we’re here for you. Please come over and say hi if you see me around!

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Treasurer - Will Ramsden (@vvill.r)

Course - Economics

Year of Study - 3

Hello, I’m Will and I’m the current treasurer of Barbell. I believe that the gym is an incredible space for everyone, presenting opportunities to form lifelong friendships between people who are likeminded but incredibly diverse. I hope I can make it as welcoming a place as it was for me when I joined and help anyone who I meet to achieve their goals.

Publicity Officer - Asher Swainston-Harrison (@4sherharrison)

Course - Pais

Year of Study - 2

Hi I’m Asher. I’m a second year Pais student. I joined Barbell after going to the taster sessions. Barbell is the best community for any gym lover. We all have different starting places and goals but if you like to pick up heavy metal circles then this is the place for you.

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Weightlifting Captain - Jack Kerr (@jacked.lifts_)

Course - Maths and Stats

Hi, Im Jack I’m a 3rd year Maths and Stats student. I joined barbell at the end of my first year and I quickly realised this was the sport for me. I’m now a u55 weightlifter and train to see how far I can push myself and what I can achieve.

Year of Study - 3

Powerlifting Captain - Nickolas Towson (@nick.towsonsbd)

Course - Politics and international studies

Year of Study - 2

Hey everyone I’m Nickolas and I’ll be your powerlifting captain for 2023/24. To put it simply, I love powerlifting and I want to get as many people involved in the best club on campus, Warwick barbell. I’ve been going to the gym since I was a scrawny depressed 14 year old and the gym has helped me so much in my life. I’ve been powerlifting for two years now and I’m so happy I started, I’ve played a lot of sports in my life but powerlifting has been my favourite. I'm ready to help you if you’re a complete beginner to the gym or want to learn about powerlifting. Despite the image of ‘gym bros’, Warwick barbell has one of the kindest and most inviting cultures of any sports club and everyone wants to see you succeed. I hope you can be a part of barbells army at BUCS next year!

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Women's & Campaigns Officer - Sophie Hadjineophytou (@soph_ielifts)

Course - MORSE

Year of Study - 3

Hi guys, my name is Sophie and to get away from my very boring mathsy degree I love going to the gym, powerlifting and socialising with everyone in Barbell! Training is the highlight of my day and I hope I can make others feel that way too!

Social Sec - Matish Parmar

Course - Electronics and Engineering

Year of Study - 3

If you’re seeing this, I’m Matish one of two social secretaries. I joined Barbell at the start of 2nd year and loved the people and atmosphere from the moment I joined. This is where I’ve felt most comfortable to be myself and make friends who enjoy lifting (and celebrating) as much as I do … I’ll see you at our circles. 😉

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Social Sec - Zak Robinson

Course - Film and TV studies

Year of Study - 2

Hey, I’m Zak, a second year Film and TV Studies student. I joined barbell for the same reason I started going to the gym, to help expand my comfort zone and build my confidence. As social secretary I hope to encourage others to do the same, inside and outside of the gym, by creating a welcoming and supportive environment for new members of all skill levels and making sure everyone has an amazing time at our socials.

Bodybuilding and Fitness Captain - Harvey Lamb (@harvey.lamb)

Course - PPE

Year of Study - 2

I’m Harvey and I joined barbell when I first came to Warwick.
Barbell was a great place for me to find friends with similar interests to me in and outside the gym.
Feel free to come and find me in the gym for anything (I’ll be in there often!).

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