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Our Executive Committee


President - Angus Gardner (@angus2000_pl)

Course - Cyber Security

Year of Study - 3

Hey, I'm Angus, and I'm a 3rd year Cyber Security student. I'm an U93 Powerlifter, and my favourite thing about Barbell is our community! It's amazing being able to go to the gym and train with like-minded people that share your passion! I joined Barbell in my first year, and I'm really excited to serve as it's President throughout my third year.

Secretary & Welfare Officer - Millie Wilkinson (@millie.lifts)

Course - History and Sociology

Year of Study - 3

I love Barbell because it's taught me to appreciate my body for what it can do and not just what it looks like


Treasurer - Luke Schultz (@lacticaddictluke)

Course - Business Management

Year of Study - 2

Barbell was one of the factors which contributed to my decision to study business management at Warwick University. I really enjoy being a part of the barbell community and can honestly say it’s the only reason that I've made any friends at Uni during COVID times.

Publicity Officer - Laura Meier (@laura.m_fit)

Course - Maths

Year of Study - 4

Hi, I’m Laura and I joined Barbell when I started at Warwick.

I’m so happy I did because the club is such a welcoming place and has helped me to become so much more confident in(and outside!) the gym.

Come over and say hi if you spot me in the gym or on campus!


Weightlifting Captain - Taylor Eeles (@taylor_wl_)

Course - Maths

Hi, my name’s Taylor and I’m a 3rd year Maths student. I joined Warwick Barbell at the start of my second year and fell in love with the sport of weightlifting; it’s the perfect combination of athleticism, power and technical ability. Part of what makes training so fun is doing it with other Barbell members, so whether it’s to compete or just to get stronger, I would recommend joining to anyone!

Year of Study - 3

Powerlifting Captain - Jordan Byrne (@jsb_lifts)

Course - Graduate Entry Medicine

Year of Study - 2

Hey everyone I’m Jordan and I’m your new Powerlifting captain! I’m a first year grad entry medical student and I love having Powerlifting as a stress outlet. Powerlifting has improved my mental health and my relationship with food so much in the last few years, and I hope that I can help get more beginners loving training and feeling confident to step out on that platform!


Women's & Campaigns Officer - Jess Blatchford (@jessblifts)

Course - History and Politics

Year of Study - 2

Hey, I’m Jess! I joined barbell in my first term at Warwick and I’m so glad I did. I hadn’t done much lifting before I started uni but now it is one of my favourite things to do and makes me so happy. Everyone in barbell is so friendly and supportive no matter what your experience and training with other people is so much fun!

Social Sec - Elliemae Vinall (@elliemaevinall_fit)

Course - Philosophy

Year of Study - 3

Hey everyone, my name is Ellie. contrary to popular belief, as a philosophy student and social sec, my hobbies do not exclusively consist of debating my existence and getting on the lash. I like to lift as well. Shoutout Barbell members for making me laugh between sets 🙂


Social Sec - Matthew Tam (@m.t.lifts)

Course - PPE

Year of Study - 2

Hey, I’m Matthew. I joined barbell in term one of my first year, and this has really helped me develop both my knowledge and passion for lifting. Thanks to the awesome community, I’ve been able to grow both within the gym and as a person. Barbell has become a core part of my identity here at Warwick and I look forward to continuing to grow alongside these lovely people

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