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women in barbell

At Warwick Barbell we have a likeminded group of female lifters who form their own tight knit community as well as being firmly integrated within the club.

We aim to remove the stigma surrounding women lifting weights by providing an inclusive and welcoming environment within the club where every single member is supported. Lifting weights not only has a tonne of physical and mental benefits but is also loads of fun and we believe this is something as many people as possible, regardless of their gender, should have the opportunity to experience.

barbell girls coffee morning.jpg

Barbell is a club for anyone who has an interest in lifting weights. This means that the club contains people with a broad range of lifting experience from complete beginners to members who compete on a regular basis. Whatever your lifting ability and experience, you are part of the barbell family and encouraged by the whole club in achieving your goals. Last year, for example, many members decided to test their maxes on lifts before the November lockdown and it was an amazing atmosphere with lots of cheering and support from members.

Alongside all the usual events we also run regular female only training sessions and socials such as coffee mornings and meals out. These help to cultivate the fantastic female community that we have and are a great way to meet other girls who lift!

Overall, barbell women are a very friendly and inspiring group both inside and outside the gym. We are well represented within the club with an increasing number of female lifters as well as making up 5/9 exec positions this year. It is always a nice feeling to see another girl you know in the weights section and the barbell family offers just this.

My primary role as Women’s officer is to offer a point of contact for female members of the club should you have any questions, issues or just want a chat!


When I first started being interested in fitness, I went to the gym at my sixth form college. Here, the gym was pretty much split between guys in the weights section and girls in the cardio area. I really wanted to give lifting a go, but I wasn’t that sure where to start and didn’t really know who to ask. Since joining barbell, there has always been lots of people for me to ask questions to,get advice from and train alongside. This has been invaluable to my progress and confidence within the

gym. As Women’s Officer, I want to ensure that this remains the case as in my opinion, it is one of the best things about barbell and something I am really grateful for.

I am committed to ensuring the female community remains strong and well-integrated within the club as well as to encouraging female participation in competitions. This is of course optional and there is no pressure to compete, but if you are at all interested it is a really enjoyable experience that I would highly recommend giving a go.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please drop me a message – my Instagram is @jessblifts / @jessblatchford or if you see me in the gym please come and say hi!

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