women in barbell

At Warwick Barbell, we work very hard to abolish all stereotypes surrounding strength sports, including the idea of lifting being something predominantly for men. 

In Warwick Barbell, every single member is supported by the whole community in their personal journey to achieve specific goals, which are always recognised and celebrated as important individual milestones.


Being a good lifter does not mean lifting 100kg, but enjoying training and getting a little bit closer to our own target every single day. As I am writing this, I think back to the day I joined Barbell, when I could not even pick up a barbell for how heavy it felt. Warwick Barbell is for people who want to get stronger, mentally and physically, and nobody will ever be called out for ‘not being good enough’! We value personal growth and performance over absolute strength. Most importantly, we cherish the enjoyment we all get from training and being part of such an amazing club.

Our female community is strong (in every way) and friendly, and since March 2020 we introduced a new role in our exec, the Women’s Officer, to ensure that our female members have a point of reference in the club who they can talk to if they have any ideas, problems or suggestions, or if they need support in pursuing their athletic goals. Along with being well integrated into the club, ‘Barbell Girls’ also have their own socials and events to meet and mingle, as we are aware that strength sports clubs can appear intimidating initially (we’ve all been through it!).



Most importantly, women in Barbell are no different to male members: determined and hard-working individuals who enjoy training together and share their passion with like-minded individuals, in the gym and outside.

As Barbell’s first Women’s and Campaigns officer, here is my statement of commitment to do my best in making Warwick Barbell a welcoming and inclusive club for everyone.

When I joined the gym in my first year, I had never stepped into one before. I was scared and confused, but also excited to try out all these new fancy machines that were crammed in the small room of old Warwick Sport. I used to come into the gym every day and do one set of 10 reps on each machine, going round all of them in a circle. I had no idea what I was doing, and I was scared to ask anyone because people looked so confident and strong. I remember being terrified of the

separate room that was the weights section, and I never dared to step in until I one day went to the gym with my female friend. We dared each other to go into the Strength and Conditioning suite and pick up a barbell. That was the kind of encouragement I needed to break the ice and be confident enough to go and train with all the muscle bros: just a friend that could understand my concerns and who took me by the hand and brought me in. 

This is what I want to be for Warwick Barbell as Women’s and Campaigns officer: a friendly hand to help people who feel insecure about their lifting, or about making their voice heard in the club, to empower them and tell them that they can. 


I wish to enhance women’s integration in the club and support our female members in their athletic pursuits, by helping them apply and prepare for competitions, and untangle any problems or fears they may have. I encourage women to participate in competitions and generally try to be a point of reference for women in the club, to address their concerns and requests and mediate with the President and the rest of the exec. I also collaborate with social secs to organise girls’ socials, meals and events.

I am also dedicated to the Campaigns Officer role, ensuring Warwick Barbell is active in the wide variety of campaigns endorsed by the SU, as well as organising events to support a democratically selected charity. 

I love Warwick Barbell, and I really want to make sure that it remains the supportive and inclusive club that took my hand last year, and is making me stronger woman every day, in every way. 


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