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our welfare officer

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Warwick Barbell's Welfare Officer, Madi Scott, is available to talk to whenever you would like about any concerns you have with the club, club members, or any general or personal issues you might be having

Concerns or suggestions (personal or for the club) can be submitted to the Warwick Barbell Concerns Box – any submission to this form can be anonymous.

You can also contact Madi in person, on Facebook, or email

If you ever need anything then please use whichever option you feel most comfortable with to get in touch

Physical wellbeing

In any sport there is always a risk of getting injured, however there

are several things you can do to reduce the likelihood of an injury:

1: Always warm up properly before training any strength sport.

Dynamic stretches are a good way to warm up your muscles before lifting.



2: Stretching and Rolling.

3: Be careful of over-training, or training too hard!

While it is tempting to lift heavy all the time, making sure our muscles are getting the recovery time they need is vital to preventing injuries. A good way to make sure you’re

not over-training is by following a program - take a look here for our recommendations.

4: Finally, sleep and nutrition are key in both improving your lifting and avoiding injuries!

As with any exercise, the more lifting you do, the more food and sleep your body needs.    There is plenty of information around this online, or you can have a chat with our exec about nutrition and sleep.

Find more info on preventing injury here

mental wellbeing

While sport and exercise are great for mental health, there are some downsides. Injuries and struggles progressing can easily impact your mental wellbeing. Trying to keep up with training multiple times a week on top of a degree can also be stressful so it is also important to be aware of your workload and mental state.

If you are struggling with injury or stress, or any other issue, please feel free to approach any of the club exec.


The university also have a number of resources such as the Wellbeing Support Services and Nightline.

For more advice on mental wellbeing, have a look at the Student Union’s pages on Health and Wellbeing

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